The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism in Israel (IMPJ) is Israels liberal Jewish religious movement, and a constituent member of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

The IMPJ offers

  • A renewed expression of Judaism and Jewish identity.
  • A progressive belief system integrating traditional and modern values.
  • A Jewish lifestyle and rituals that are conducted in a fully egalitarian manner.
  • The freedom to choose and the ability to question, within the framework of Jewish culture.
  • The pursuit of social justice, and the constant struggle for Tikkun Olam.
  • A new and revitalized commitment to Jewish tradition.
  • The sense of belonging to a community that serves as an extended family as well as a spiritual home/center for all ages.
  • The participation in festive and enjoyable ceremonies, study sessions and prayer services.
  • A contemporary experience of Jewish, Zionistic and Israeli lifecycle events.
  • A personal connection to spiritual experiences, and the experience of holiness in Judaism.

To contact the IMPJ please visit their website or email.


The Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC) is the public and legal advocacy arm of the Reform Movement in Israel.

Founded in 1987 with the goals of advancing pluralism in Israeli society and defending the freedoms of conscience, faith, and religion. Today IRAC is the preeminent civil and human rights organization in Israel focusing on the issues of religion and state and is the leading Jewish organization that advocates on behalf of a broadly inclusive Israeli democracy, infusing social justice advocacy with the spiritual energy and humane worldview of Progressive Judaism.

To contact IRAC please visit their website.