2014 Emergency Appeal        

We support IMPJ, IRAC and the Jewish-Arab Community Center in AKKO 

The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) is Israel's liberal Jewish religious movement, and a constituent member of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

The IMPJ offers

  • A renewed expression of Judaism and Jewish identity.
  • A progressive belief system integrating traditional and modern values.
  • A Jewish lifestyle and rituals that are conducted in a fully egalitarian manner.
  • The freedom to choose and the ability to question, within the framework of Jewish culture.
  • The pursuit of social justice, and the constant struggle for Tikkun Olam.
  • A new and revitalized commitment to Jewish tradition.
  • The sense of belonging to a community that serves as an extended family as well as a spiritual home/centre for all ages.
  • The participation in festive and enjoyable ceremonies, study sessions and prayer services.
  • A contemporary experience of Jewish, Zionistic and Israeli lifecycle events.
  • A personal connection to spiritual experiences, and the experience of holiness in Judaism.

The IMPJ allow you
To Reclaim Your Inner Jew
With the Freedom to Choose Your Lifestyle
And to Constantly Experience Anew 
A Contemporary Jewish Identity


The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) is Israel's preeminent civil and human rights organization addressing issues of religion and state. Founded in 1987 as the public and legal advocacy arm of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, IRAC works to advance pluralism in Israeli society and to defend the freedoms of conscience, faith and religion. Rooted in progressive Jewish values, IRAC advocates on behalf of a broadly inclusive Israeli democracy based on the principles of social justice and equality. 

Specifically, IRAC works to:

  • Secure unequivocal state recognition, funding, and equal status for Reform and Conservative rabbis, synagogues and institutions.
  • Oppose gender segregation and the exclusion of women from the public sphere.
  • Combat racist incitement, particularly by public and religious figures who use Jewish sources to incite racist actions and intolerance.
  • Protect the rights of all converts to make aliya and enjoy equal rights in Israel.
  • Secure freedom of choice in marriage and equal rights in divorce for all Israelis.

Your donations are the lifeblood of the development and support of Progressive Judaism in Israel.

The Sir Charles Clore Jewish-Arab Community Center, Akko

Akko is a city with two-thirds Jews, and one third Arab. They live side by side, but for so long never really interacted. 

In 1990, Muhammad Fahili began a project to build an Arab-Jewish centre in AKKO, to help coexistence. The centre he has created has developed into an institution providing high quality, low-cost services, for poor kids, irrespective of background. With everything from parenting and literacy assistance, to summer camps and women’s clubs, AKKO, has transformed the neighbourhood and relations in the city, through a simple desire to break down mistrust and build a more equal and respectful culture.

The Sir Charles Clore Jewish Arab Community centre, Akko, is a foundation, which relies on the generosity of donors. 

Every penny you send to FPJ goes to the project you want to support, and if you gift aid your donation the project gets the tax recovered as well.  Donations to FPJ general funds are also more than welcome, to provide funds for emergencies and special projects.


Jewish Arab Youth

War on Hunger

Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC)

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FPJ is the working name of the Friends of Progressive Judaism in Israel and Europe.   Charity No 241337