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IMPJ Fund for Humanitarian Assistance and Social Responsibility. Together with 1,500 volunteers, Keren b’Kavod assists over 5,000 people a year through the provision of food packages and aid kits, as well as respite and empowerment programs for underprivileged populations. For further information please click here To donate please click here.


Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) has co-existence programs for Jewish and Arab youth in mixed cities and regions throughout the country, including Haifa, Jaffa and Be’er Sheva. Guided by professional co-existence facilitators, the participating youths engage in conversations over topics of mutual concern, such as education and social is sues, as well as topics of contention, including the status of Arabs in Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For further information please click here.. Donate


In addition to their main work facilitating twinnings, they also arrange for rabbis, lay leaders and those with specialist skills to attend and teach at seminars in the FSU. They maintain contact with rabbis in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to keep up-to-date with local needs and developments. They act as a resource and information centre, working closely with colleagues at the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) in Jerusalem and UK congregations to co-ordinate twinnings, advise on organising visits between congregations, and provide information when requested. For more information click here. Donate


The European Union for Progressive Judaism (EUPJ) is active right across Europe from Cordoba to Krakow to the Crimea “It supports both existing communities and helps new ones to develop by providing a range of resources – anything from rabbinic support to leadership training and youth activities and everything in between. For more information click here. Donate.

Welcome to the FPJ (Funding for Progressive Judaism)

We are different, How?

We are the only UK Charity that raises money solely for projects in Israel, FSU and Europe that are Progressive.

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The FPJ, is a registered charity and raises funds solely to support the institutions of and vital work carried out by the Progressive Jewish movements in Israel, continental Europe and the FSU.




Jewish Arab Youth

War on Hunger

Ukraine and Crimea Emergency Appeal

Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC)

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FPJ is the working name of the Friends of Progressive Judaism in Israel and Europe.   Charity No 241337